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024 - Great Western Railway Contract 12B

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In Folder: Historical Engineering Collection

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Copy tender for Contract No. 12B. Tender copy for contract between Mr. Henry Oldham and the Great Western Railway Company for Oldham to complete earthwork from No. 2A Bathampton to No. 32 Bathampton. Contract includes information for the schedule of the works to take place and a description of the works to take place. The Contract is dated on 24th June 1839 and it was signed, sealed and delivered by Oldham in the presence of Charles Henry Seager.

24 June 1839

Details of Cutting and Embankment. Four drawings on one sheet. Drawing No. 2 for Contract No. 12B. First drawing is of a cross section of an embankment, second drawing is of alteration on road 22 Bathampton, third drawing is of part of the road, fourth drawing is of a cross section of a cutting. This is one of the drawings referred to in the annexed contract between the Great Western Railway Company and Mr. Henry Oldham bearing date the twenty-fourth day of June 1839. Drawing is signed by Henry Oldham and Brunel.

24 June 1839

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