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12 drawings showing details of Weston-Super-Mare Station


7 drawings showing the footbridge at Edinburgh Haymarket Station

11 April 1894

6 drawings of London Waterloo Station


1 drawing showing elevation of New Waverley Bridge

15 March 1870

3 drawings showing features of the New Tay Bridge


2 drawings showing Birmingham New Street Station

November 1981

22 drawings showing the Windsor Branch of the Great Western Railway


12 drawings showing Signal Boxes


2 drawings showing Bath Bridge [Timber] from Great Western Contract 8B


7 drawings showing 'Battersea Viaduct' from the London Brighton and South Coast Railway which then became the Grosvenor Bridge under the Victoria Station and Pimlico Railway.


49 drawings from the South Eastern Railway, the London Brighton and South Coast Railway and the Southern Railway showing London Bridge Station.


8 drawings showing Huddersfield Station


1 drawing from the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway company showing features of Manchester Victoria Station.

20 May 1904

The Wilts Somerset and Weymouth Railway Trowbridge Contract takes the said railway from a point in field no.79 Trowbridge about 5 chains and 50 links North of the centre of the road leading from Trowbridge to Haverton at the crossing of the railway to the south fence of field no.37 Trowbridge and from the junction of the Bradford Branch with the Main Line in field no.160 Trowbridge to a peg in field number 16 Bradford at the 9 mile 37 chain. The contract is dated 29 May 1846 between the said railway and Matthew Craufurd

29 May 1846

23 drawings from the Wilts Somerset and Weymouth Railway Bruton Deviation Contract showing bridges and culverts


17 drawings from the Wilts Somerset and Weymouth Railway Bradford and Bathampton Contract showing bridges, culverts and Dundas Aqueduct


51 drawings showing bridges, viaducts, tunnels and culverts from the Bristol and South Wales Union Railway.


74 drawings showing Railways Switches Crossings and Permanent Way


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