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108 - London and North Western Railway - Liverpool Lime Street Station

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Historical Engineering Collection

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Four drawings showing sections of girders

03 May 1867

3 drawings on one sheet showing bed plates and rollers for principals


North elevation including people and taxi rank

September 1982

internal elevation of platforms including people and trains

September 1982

4 drawings on one sheet showing details of screen and roof

January 1877

Several drawings on one sheet showing details of new station roof


One drawing showing elevation of end screen.


Cross section of roof through to cab stand signed William Baker.

22 November 1866

1 drawing on one sheet showing plan of station roof

22 January 1877

Drawing showing west gable of roof at Liverpool Lime Street station.


5 drawings on one sheet showing details of Lime St screen

15 April 1869

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