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ATA-2021-95434 Peterborough North

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1 drawing showing plan and sections of engineers foundry at Peterborough

07 February 1920

GNR Peterborough Engineers Yard Proposed Extension Of Covering Over Setting Out Platform

16 January 1920

GNR Peterborough Part Plan Of Engineers Yard

07 November 1918

GNR Peterborough Foundry In Engineers Yard Cupola Stage

16 August 1913

Civil Engineers Mobile Cranes (Peterborough) 35 Tons Steam Breakdown Crane


GNR Peterborough Engineers Yard Chair Casting Shop And Foundry

29 January 1914

GNR Peterborough Plan Of Engineers Yard


Several drawings showing details of proposed platform covering

11 August 1873

3 drawings showing North Running Shed

30 June 1926

1 drawing showing proposed extension of station buildings on the down side


1 drawing showing Station Buildings on Down Platform Drainage

14 December 1907

4 drawings showing Roof over Loop Arcade


2 drawings showing Refreshment Rooms Down Side Proposed Additional Doorway


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