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114 - Wycombe Railway - Bourne End Viaduct

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Historical Engineering Collection

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1 drawing showing soundings taken at Bourne End Viaduct including cross section through river bed

21 December 1881

1 drawing showing sketch of arches in pencil


2 drawings on one sheet showing general elevation and plan of Bourne End Viaduct

23 December 1881

1 drawing showing elevations sections and plans of timber viaduct


1 drawing showing a section through the Bourne End Viaduct contract


2 drawings showing general elevation and plan of brick viaduct

29 October 1860

1 drawing of a plan showing reconstruction of bridge over the River Thames.


1 drawing showing elevation, plan and section of timber decking

19 October 1860

1 drawing showing general plan and elevation showing present and proposed bridge


1 drawing showing larger section of contract for Bourne End Viaduct


1 drawing showing an elevation of Bourne End Viaduct


1 drawing showing elevation section and plan of timber bridge over the Thames

24 October 1860

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